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BONUS // 10 Cheap Birthday Party Ideas For Families On A Budget

April 9, 2020
After my oldest daughters 7th birthday party rang in at a whopping $500 for a piddly 2 hour party, my husband and I looked at each other and said, "something has to change".
I was a single mom and a crafty one for many years, so making grandiose birthday parties for a baby, then toddler, then Kindergartner wasn't that big of a deal. But, then she acquired friends, and preferences, and expectations, and wants. We were stuck with giving and giving and giving, which meant spending and spending and spending.
This episode is all about how we went from over spending because of cultural expectations, to wise, thoughtful spending of our money to celebrate birthdays for our kids. 
The 10 ideas in this episode are just the short list of creative options out there and it's sure to get you thinking about how you can approach your little ones upcoming party. 
Chelsi Jo 



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