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EP 05 - Preparing Your Home For A New Year: Letting Go Of The Old To Make Room For The New

December 9, 2019

What if going in to the new year wasn’t full of clutter, extra pounds from the holidays, toys from yet another Christmas, desks overwhelmed with papers, filing bins stuffed to the max with mail you never read??You’re about to go in to a whole new decade that everyone says is suppose to be full of goals, intentions that knock your socks off, and all your dreams are suppose to be coming true this year.  The reality is, It is impossible to make room for any addition or point of growth in your life if there isn’t any room.


Thats why in this episode I am giving you the tools to make sure you have space in your life for peace, abundance, joy, and GROWTH. This system establishes a practice of preparing your home for a new year. You will learn how to let go of mess and stress in order to make space for the blessing the new year has in store for you!





Chelsi Jo 





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