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EP 06 Self Care: Is It Enough And How Do We Make It Happen?

December 16, 2019

06 Self Care: Is It Enough And How Do We Make It Happen?  


If only getting our nails done, or walking around target once a week could be the cure for emotional and mental exhaustion, then self care would no longer be one of the top researched topics on Pinterest. There is a common thread in all of our lives that leaves us feeling like no one is caring for us, but the reality is WE are the ones who run ourselves ragged. Why are we so afraid to assert ourselves as a caretaker for your OWN needs, but are ready to give relentlessly to those around us? 


I have spent years observing women on every part of the self care spectrum and have finally found a system to caring for myself that is not only achievable, but also extremely sustainable and I'm sharing all of it with you! 




Chelsi Jo 





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