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EP 25 // Want To Up Level Your Mom Game and Become a Productive Work From Home Mom Boss? Here Are The Two Most Powerful Hacks You Can’t Afford To Miss.

April 14, 2020
It doesn't take long for moms to realize that working from home isn't as glamorous as some think it is. Juggling your house, children, deadlines, husband, appointments, (..... and the list goes on) feels like a scary joke at times. I know.
This episode is all about how to be successful all while juggling all the things. I get deep in to how women are the leaders in this territory, and how never before has there been the role of both running a business and being a home maker at the same time. Without our example our husbands and children have no one to look to for how it can be done.
With a few systems and these essential hacks you can absolutely be the model for what working from home and keeping house, and being a patient parent looks like. I'm so excited for you to listen so what do ya say, let's dive in.
Chelsi Jo 





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