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EP 35 // How Well Are You Communicating As A Family? Try This Tried And True Communication System For A Well Bonded And Respectful Home - With Family Meeting Expert Ruth Patterson

June 23, 2020

Today's episode is bound to pull at your momma heart strings, at least a little. I sat down with one of my long time, mother of 4, best friends to dive deep into how her and her husband have managed to get their entire family of 6 people in a constant state of open dialogue. From family meetings with young kiddos all the way to their now grown children who are all in their 20's, living near and far, they are all incredibly bonded, and connected. 


As moms, we all dream to know our children deeply and have visions of how they will all come back home to visit as they go on to make their own families. The Patterson family has not only managed to do just that, but they have also taught me and so many others how to do the same. 


You are going to learn the topics, and approach to making a family meet successful, even when it is hard and emotional. Plus the benefits to making this communication system part of how you raise your children. One of the most impactful ways for you to bring love and intention to motherhood is through communication, and you will walk away with actual language prompts, and tangible tips on how to navigate the journey towards a life long, bonded family. 



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