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EP 71 // Feeling Guilt And Shame Over Not Wanting To Play With Your Kids? Break Free From Being The Perfect Mom With This Simple System

December 18, 2020

The dreaded question, "mom will you play with me?" And there you sit, with a to-do list so long, clients, laundry, social media alerts, and pasta boiling on the stove ... and now this. It feels horrible saying no, but saying yes kills you just as much. You are not alone, but it sure feels like it. 


The culture of motherhood shames this conversation, so I decided to have it. In today's episode I am giving you the inside heart of me in my motherhood on this topic. I am also giving you a super simple 3 step system to give you pride and confidence back in your motherhood. 


Share this episode, because together we can make a change to the culture of motherhood! 



Chelsi Jo 

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