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EP 76 // Is Your Home Suffocating You? How To DE-CLUTTER and DEEP CLEAN Your Way To Freedom As A Work From Home Mom

January 9, 2021

It's day three of the deep dive series on my 4 Tier Success Formula AND today is all things "keeping house". As modern homemakers we do much more than cook and clean but yet we hold on to old ideas about what exactly that means. Today's episode on my fourth tier really focuses on the four main parts of taking care of your home in a modern way that actually works. 

If you are suffering from stuff everywhere, cluttered cabinets, messy drawers, dysfunctional jam packed closets, crowded garages, and dirty filthy expired canned good pantry shelves then today is FOR YOU.


Dive in and take notes momma! Let's get your house under control once and for all.  



Chelsi Jo 


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