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EP 77 // Strengthen Your Marriage In One Hour A Week With A Simple System Even He Will Love

January 11, 2021

Are you operating in silos? Is your marriage the last thing to get your attention? The hustle and bustle of managing a family, cooking meals, keeping the house clean, and running your business doesn't leave a lot of time for pouring into your marriage.... I get it! But, if you truly do want to be successful in your motherhood, and in your home keeping, AND in your business, then you are going to have to prioritize your marriage. 


But how? With systems. The last thing we want is more work to do. How I see it is the work you are currently doing is simply not working. What if you switched up the way you were working towards a better marriage and set up a few simple systems instead? The end result for a simple exchange of energy is powerful. 


It is my hope that you and your husband walk away from today's episode knowing exactly how to utilize one hour a week to begin to deeply strengthen your marriage. 



Chelsi Jo 



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